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Welcome to the Trademark Meets Brand -program 2021!

Are you looking to increase your knowledge on trademarks, brands and IPRs? Transform your career with this flexible program!

Program is targeted for:

  • Decision makers and officers in brand-based companies
  • Lawyers looking to specialize in trademarks
  • Lawyers looking to build a practice in trademarks in-house or law students looking to work in IP law firms
  • Brand/Communication Managers & Directors, entrepreneurs and managers/directors who want to master legal aspects of brands

At this 9 part program You will learn the concepts of branding and trademarks. Together we will examine topics and various strategies related to building, measuring, and managing a brand, including direct and indirect measures of brand equity, structures of desired brand knowledge, choice of brand elements and management of brands over time.

The program will broadly combine trademarks and brands and give the participant concrete tools on how brand practices impact on trademark work. Although trademark and brand professionals approach the topic from different perspectives, the synergy between the two can provide the basis for building strong brands and valuable trademark portfolio.


  • A desire to learn and implement strategic brand building techniques & trademarks in business
  • Basic understanding on trademarks & brands

Food for thought! 

Brands and trademarks are important assets to companies as they have the potential to influence consumers’ product choices. Trademark can be registered, however brand is created by time and by consumers. Brands differ from trademarks by the fact that brand comprises of several factors, such as name, design symbol or typeface and other elements. Brand represents bundle of elements in consumers’ minds, whereas, trademark is something that is regulated by the law and to signs which can be graphically represented. The linkage of brand and trademark goes hand in hand, as companies rely on trademarks to protect their brands. Brand focuses on the perceived added value conveyed by the brand, not by the trademark.

Trademarks and brands are highly discussed and studied, but mostly separately. This program will aim to bring understanding on the topic, by outlining the synergies they bring to each other. “I believe there is a benefit for companies and professionals in learning this matter, as it brings larger understanding on how to formulate internal trademark work and manage them so that they bring value to the company. Finnish companies needs this knowledge.” says Taru Kallio-Nyholm, who has planned the program outline.

All the details of the seminars (program, speakers and exact seminar time) will be updated during the spring 2021.

Read more about importance of branding and protection from IPRinfo-magazine article: 
Thought on brands and trademarks 


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All the seminars last max 3 hours with the breaks. See further information about the seminar by clicking the topic!


25.3.2021 Start of the IPR Story – basics of the protection
at 9.00 – 12.00

What is Intellectual Property and how do you create it? How should you protect your product. service,  logo or name? What are the keys to successful protection, brand creation and brand extension?

23.4.2021 IP Business Strategy
at 9.00 – 12.00

Why is IP so important to business? How do you recognize the possibilities what IP is offering? How to make money out of IP? Since the IP is in the crossroads of all business sectors inside the company, it is necessary to know how to use it and make co-operation when thinking the strategy.

20.5.2021 Brand Building & Brand Creation
at 13.00 – 16.00

Learn how to create a strong brand so that you can get ahead in your business or career. Understand the complexities around brand creation. Learn how to think in a strategic manner when creating brands. Branding is about co-creation and conversation between the audiences, customers and users. Case examples from pharma branding.

Brand design

23.9.2021 Brand Innovation & Brand Design

Understand how brand innovation linked today’s business. If your brand and design is your core asset, then innovation is about how one evolves and leverages asset in changing markets. Understand how to combine brand and design in legal & IPR context.

shaking hands

7.10.2021 Brand Licensing Models & IP Contracts

Seminar provides an introduction to brand licensing giving understanding on how to operate more effectively and confidently in thriving and lucrative industry. Hear case examples from top brand licensing professionals.

strategic analysis

28.10.2021 Trademark and Brand Portfolio Management

Learn more about how our brand portfolio work has energized strategy for global brands, disruptive startups and everything in between. Understand how brand portfolio is linked to trademark portfolio management.

Due Diligence project

 4.11.2021 Brand & Trademark in M&A Actions: Due Diligence

Understand how brand drives M&A success. Trademarks and brands in DD-process.


18.11.2021 Brand Protection in Different Countries: China, UK, USA, Russia

Understand the pitfalls in different countries in protecting your brand.

Legal protection

8.12.2021 Impact of Anti-Counterfeiting to Brand Owners

Every brand is impacted by counterfeiting. What are the current trends in counterfeiting and what measures should brand owners take to protect its own brand.



Taru Kallio-NyholmThe chairman of all the seminars is

Taru Kallio-Nyholm
Trademark and Design Counsel at Orion Corporation


Practical arrangements and contact:

Auri Vainio
Marketing and Communication Manager
IPR University Center
+358 40 3521 486