About Us


IPR University Center shares information pertaining to intellectual property, coordinates research in the field and arranges IPR-related education. IPR University Center strives to create collaboration between researchers and institutions representing different disciplines as well as to encourage links between universities and the business world. In the global context of business and academic research, it is impossible to operate without IPR knowledge.

IPR University Center’s function is to coordinate and promote education and research connected to intellectual property rights. IPRUC also offers information services, edits the IPRinfo magazine published by the IPR University Center Association, as well as publishes research papers and reports connected to its activities.

IPR University Center is hosted by Hanken School of Economics.
IPR University Center’s activities are also sponsored by the IPR University Center Association.


IPR University Center develops IPR knowledge by arranging a broad range of educational services. IPR University Center organises commercial seminars on current issues for the professionals in the field of patents, trademarks, design law and copyright for various target groups. IPR University Center also creates courses for the teaching programmes of universities, organisations and companies.

IPR University Center organises an international conference about every second year.

Lecturers in all IPR University Center seminars and educational events are leading experts in intellectual property rights from Finland and abroad.


IPR University Center aims to promote research and education in the field of intellectual property. International, multi-disciplinary, joint research projects by several universities, businesses and public organizations provide new information on intellectual property rights.

Information services

IPR University Center distributes information by publishing IPRinfo -online magazine, maintaining a case law database, providing information services, and publishing printed and electronic publishing series. IPR University Center’s information services gather and share information on legislation on intellectual property, case law, research and events.

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