IPR University Center Association

In March 2002, the IPR University Center started to operate as a separate institute founded by five universities. IPR University Center carries on the functions of the intellectual property institute that was earlier run by the IPR University Center Association, founded 24.9.1999.

The Association still functions as a sponsor association for the institute. The Association has members belonging to organisations, public bodies, and companies.

If you want to join the Association or to learn more, contact vainio(at)


IPR University Center Association offers its members the following benefits:

Information services

  • individual services to the value of 670 € per member
  • services of the information specialist

Right to free participation in courses

  • a sponsor has 5 free places per year
  • a major sponsor has 20 free places per year
  • the sponsor may choose any seminar to take advantage of the free places
  • additional participants at the members’ price (-20%)

IPRinfo magazine

  • increased visibility by writing articles to IPRinfo Magazine

Members receive all the chargeable services of IPR University Center, including seminars and books, at a special members’ price (20% discount).

Membership fees

Sponsor: 3400, 00 € / year

Major sponsor: 17 000 € / year