Information Services

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The information services of IPR University Center comprise collecting and organising relevant material in the reference library, distributing information both publicly and individually, and helping researchers in their information search.

When you need advice on information retrieval or searching, you can contact the Information Service of the IPR University Center by e-mail info(at) Brief requests are answered free of charge. More extensive search services are provided to IPR University Center Associations’s member organisations and, when possible, to others. Basic Information services are included in the annual fees of member organisations.

Finnish IPR-related Case Law

IPR University Center maintains and updates a Finnish IPR case law database.

The database contains summaries and in some cases full texts of IPR -related judgments of Market Court, Finnish Appeal Courts, the Supreme Administrative Court and occasionally other courts. The texts are in Finnish. The database can be accessed free of charge.

The texts are unofficial, and they can be used as background information. Please mention the source and the unofficial nature of the texts when citing the database content.

For Researchers

Researchers of IPR University Center and the member universities as well as the members of the Association can contact the Institute when they need help or advice on information retrieval.

IPR University Center also maintains a small reference library mainly at the disposal of the researchers of IPR University Center and its projects. The collection consists of books on IPR and related issues.

Library Services

The reference library of IPR University Center is at the disposal of the researchers of the IPR University Center, the member universities and IPR University Center Association.

Extensive collections of legal literature can be found in the libraries of the Parliament and the Main Library of Helsinki University (Kaisa House at City Center Campus). The library of the Hanken School of Economics focuses on economic literature. The Aalto University Library has excellent collections of economic and technical literature in the Aalto University Learning Centre (Töölö, Arabia and Otaniemi Campus areas). The Finnish Board of Patents and Registration also maintains a public library.

University libraries are open to the public and their catalogues can be browsed on the web. The journal databases subscribed to by these libraries are accessible only via their networks.


If you need advice on searching for information or need copies of case law, please contact IPR University Center via e-mail: info(at)