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Intellectual property rights are the new black!

Intellectual property law resembles information technology in that the basic skills must be mastered, regardless of the industry, in order to be able to operate smoothly in daily study and work tasks. The mere publishing of photographs in social media contains many questions related to copyright, not to mention the creation of materials or research. By mastering the basics you will not infringe others’ rights by accidents, you understand your own rights and, if necessary, you know how to transfer them to your course mates, for example. Respecting and acknowledging others’ rights is a part of good manners, while the recognition and controlled sharing of your own rights indicate that you value your own work.

Intellectual property rights are everywhere around you when walking through downtown. They intertwine into all industries and parts of the society, they link strongly into trade and can be the actual product of a company’s business. Professionals of creative work and artists earn their living through the contractual systems of copyrights, new technology is protected by patents and other forms of protection, and brands are built with the help of trademarks.

Students’ free seats for trainings

The objective of IPR University Center is to share information about intellectual property rights, and a great deal of the trainings and courses offered by us are targeted for students in particular. We offer a limited amount of students’ free seats for nearly all events subject to a charge. For events free of charge students may sign up without restriction. You should always remember to check on a case-by-case basis whether free seats are available. If the seats have been reserved, this will be notified on the event page. The seats are filled in the order of  registration without a separate application process. The seats may be used by any students, irrespective of their subject or educational institution.

The free seats include all the benefits of the event such as breakfasts, lunches, coffees and materials. The seats are free of charge but subject to the same cancellation terms as seats subject to charge. For this reason, you should remember to cancel any reservations early and in accordance with the cancellation terms. In this way the seats will be made available for other students. Seats which have been used but not cancelled will be charged fully.

Getting started with an online course

Are you interested about intellectual property rights, but not sure about what everything they entail? Come and get acquainted with the subject on an open online course. IPR is the new BLACK is an online course worth two study credits produced by IPR University Center and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The course has been funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The course is meant for all students and participants do not require legal studies or knowledge of legal terms. The course may be completed in Finnish or in English. It has been possible to acquire study credits from the course since autumn 2020. You may contact the administration of your own educational institution concerning the credits.

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