Trainings for IPR professionals

IPR University Center is the only provider of training focused on intellectual property rights in Finland. In 20 years, the institute has produced hundreds of high-quality and up-to-date trainings, events and conferences, the driving force of which is to provide objective and accurate information.

The training directed at IPR professionals is meant to deepen and update their know-how. The subjects of the events often concern changes in legislation, recent case law and new technology, among other topics.

IPR University Center Association ry is strongly involved in developing, producing and supporting the advanced continuing training directed at IPR professionals. IPR University Center is a non-profit, separate institution of universities, and the nature of the provided trainings is not commercial. In fact, the prices of the trainings are often slightly lower than the supply of the rest of the market. Dozens of events are offered annually, and the speakers are top experts from both Finland and the rest of the world. Consider subscribing to the newsletter, which provides information about upcoming trainings a couple of times a month.