Research and publications

IPR University Center’s task is to promote the know-how and mastering of intellectual property rights through education and research.

IPR University Center coordinates and promotes research into issues connected to intellectual property rights and offers various services for doctoral students and researchers. IPRUC offers researchers the opportunity for international co-operation through research exchange, conferences, and other forms of co-operation. All the services offered by IPRUC are available also for researchers.

IPRUC offers commissioned research and takes part in various research projects.

Research Pool

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Courses and meetings

IPRUC organises courses, seminars and meetings for doctoral students and researchers.

Information services

The reference library of IPRUC is at the disposal of researchers. IPRUC also provides information services.

Scholarship fund

IPR University Center Association has a scholarship fund. The purpose of the fund is to support education of and research into issues of IPR. The fund grants scholarships for research and education costs, i.e. study visits, conference fees and travelling costs.

More information about the scholarship fund can be found here.



Future Regulation of Industrial Internet (FRII)

FRII is focusing on the legal and business questions of the future Industrial Internet applications. The project aims at shedding light over the key legal questions at the center of the Industrial Internet development in order to propose workable business solutions to navigate the challenges while boosting business opportunities.
The central legal areas are intellectual property rights (IPR), data protection, and competition law. Overall, the results stemming from this project will be of relevance for several stakeholders, spanning from companies operating in the field, the legal practitioners, the legislator and the policymakers, as well as to the academic community. Those stakeholders will be actively participating in the future workshops of the FRII project as well as our other events. In the future workshops the participants are discussing and sharing their views on the future of Industrial Internet in an inspiring gameful environment. Thus the project not only produce high-quality scientific results but forms also a networking and discussion forum for different parties.



The National Implementation of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and its Central Commercial Impact

A research project in 2016, funded by the Prime Minister’s Office, in collaboration with University of Tampere, University of Helsinki, and University of Lapland.

IPR in New Value Creation

IPR in New Value Creation is a TEKES-funded multidisciplinary research project that strives for the definition of the value of intellectual property. It focuses on finding methods for such definition in relation to especially intellectual property rights such as patents and copyright.

Cooperation project with German graduate school

INNOCENT started a joint research training initiative with the German Intellectual Property and the Public Domain graduate school at the University of Bayreuth in 2007. The main activities of the project are joint seminars, exchange of doctoral students and academics. The project is financed by the Academy of Finland and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for 2007-2011.


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