Future Regulation of Industrial Internet – FRII

FRII is focusing on the legal and business questions of the future Industrial Internet applications. The project aims at shedding light over the key legal questions at the center of the Industrial Internet development in order to propose workable business solutions to navigate the challenges while boosting business opportunities.

The central legal areas are intellectual property rights (IPR), data protection, and competition law. Overall, the results stemming from this project will be of relevance for several stakeholders, spanning from companies operating in the field, the legal practitioners, the legislator and the policymakers, as well as to the academic community. Those stakeholders will be actively participating in the future workshops of the FRII project as well as our other events. In the future workshops the participants are discussing and sharing their views on the future of Industrial Internet in an inspiring gameful environment. Thus the project not only produce high-quality scientific results but forms also a networking and discussion forum for different parties.

The project is funded by Tekes, universities and business partners.

The project started on October 2016 and it ends on September 2018.

Research partners: IPR University Center/Hanken, University of Lapland and Aalto University

Business partners:  Wärtsilä, Cargotec, Kone, Lexia Attorneys, Roschier Attorneys Ltd., Bird & Bird Attorneys Ltd and Seppo Laine Patent Agency

Scientific articles

  • Sam Wrigley, “Bots and Personal Data: Does the General Data Protection Regulation Appropriately Govern Processing By Bots?” (MICL thesis, University of Helsinki 2017)
  • Ballardini, R.M., “Intellectual Property Rights and Additive Manufacturing” in Pei E., Monzon M., and Bernard A., Additive Manufacturing – Developments in Training and Education (Springer 2018)
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  • Ballardini, R.M., He, K. & Roos, T., ”Authorship and Inventorship in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” in Pihlajarinne, T., Vesala, J., & Honkkila, O., Online Distribution of Content in the EU, Edward Elgar 2018 (in production, forthcoming)
  • Ballardini, R.M. & Pitkänen, O., ”Blockchains and IPRs: Marriage or Mismatch”, Dalloz IP/IT (Accepted; forthcoming)
  • Sam Wrigley, “Taming AI and bots: Exploring the GDPR’s regulatory approach” in Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwich, and Nikolaus Forgó (eds.), Robotics, AI and the Future of Law (Springer 2018, forthcoming)
  • Sam Wrigley, “When People Just Click—Addressing the Difficulties of Contrller/Processor Agreements Online” in Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwich, and Helena Haapio (eds.), Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchains (Springer 2018, forthcoming)
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  • Alén-Savikko, A. Network neutrality in the era of 5G: a matter of faith, hope and design?, Information & Communications Technology Law (forthcoming)


Research group

IPR University Center:

Olli Pitkänen/Consortium PI

Sam Wrigleys

University of Lapland

Rosa Ballardini/Sub-project PI at ULap

Aleksander Wiatrowski

Anette Alen-Savikko  (more information)

Tone Knapstad

Aalto University

Petri Kuoppämäki/Sub-project PI at Aalto

Essi Myllymäki

Further information Olli Pitkänen, olli.pitkanen(at)iprinfo.com

Kuva: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay