IPR is the new BLACK – open online course

Would you like to join the growing group of intellectual property experts? Welcome to complete the IPR is the new BLACK course, which covers the basics of intellectual property rights (IPR)!

An increasing amount of the property in our society is immaterial. Changes in business activities and knowledge work have affected economic development in a way that a large part of companies’ value consists of intellectual property such as know-how, information, innovation and brands. This intellectual property is protected by IPRs such as patents, trademarks and copyright. IPRs are central in modern trade, as they can offer competitive edge and increased cash flow when utilised correctly. Even if a company does not develop trailblazing innovations, intellectual property rights can be a significant strategic tool for it.

Target audience of the course

The course is intended for anyone interested in intellectual property rights, regardless of educational background or experience. The objective of the national IPR strategy is to transform IPR into a civic skill and a part of general working life skills in society. These skills will indeed be significantly important in the future.

Learning objectives
  • You are familiar with the most central intellectual property rights
  • You understand the economic and strategic significance of IPR from a business point of view
  • You understand in which situations and under what terms IPR agreements should be concluded
Completing the course

The course consists of eight parts, each of which ends with an exam. The course is worth two study credits. You may complete the course in your own pace. You must score 70 % in each exam to pass the course. When you have completed the course in its entirety, the course certificate available in the end of the course will be activated and sent to your e-mail.

Obtaining the study credits

Most universities accept the course as a part of optional studies. Please contact your university’s student services in order to register the study credits. NOTE to students of the University of Helsinki! Due to a large number of participants, the course completions of students of the University of Helsinki are forwarded to the university’s student services via IPR University Center. Students are asked to apply their study credit registrations HERE.

Course Information – IPR is the new BLACK

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Enjoy the course!

The IPRonline team

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