3D Printing and IPR – Online seminar

Dialogue of Experts -seminar series

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15.9.2020 10.00 – 11.30




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IPR University Center arranges online seminar series focusing on various IPR matters. The seminar series brings together academics and business by featuring academic experts and top practitioners in the field of IPR. The audience is warmly welcome to engage in the discussion by asking questions to the speakers.

Please check with your own university’s professor if you may collect study credits based on our lecture series.

Dialogue of experts

Ana Ramalho, Copyright Counsel at Google and Guest Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of Leiden University

Jussi Kajala, COO & Chairman of the Board, 3DBear

The experts will discuss for example the following questions:

– Copyright law perspectives on 3D printing 2D works of art for the benefit of visually impaired people. The conclusions of a recent publication regarding these questions,” International Perspectives on Disability Exceptions in Copyright Law and the Visual Arts” are also presented. The discussion will specifically focus on the EU disability exception to copyright protection as it relates to artistic works.

– Making use of augmented reality and virtual reality in connection with 3D printing. What does creating mash ups with the help of repositories (e.g. Thingiverse, Sketchfab) mean in the context of IP? What about third party content and protected IP? What are the best practices in these types of situations? How does this compare to e.g. Youtube and video sharing?

– Equity, accessibility and IPR when using online repositories like Thingiverse and Sketchfab to provide access to 3D. How does this affect business models in a time of digitalization of objects?

Arranging organization

IPR University Center


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