Advanced IP Licensing Academy

Licensing is one of the fastest growing businesses.

New industries and new business models continue to be developed, while some more traditional models are also renewed with new ideas and regulatory developments. Advanced IP Licensing Academy is a part of the program of the IPR Summer School of the IPR University Center. This part of the program is targeted to practitioners and academics with a focus on the latest developments in the licensing world. In this year´s Academy, the participants will explore the latest developments and the hottest trends. The Academy will give a broad overview about licensing business models. The working method for this year’s academy is focused on dialogue – we will have a number of interesting panels, discussions, keynotes and workshop. We are presenting both well-known speakers and rising stars, experienced practitioners and fresh thinkers. The combination will allow the participants to gain a very broad coverage of multiple topics, and an in-depth view of key questions.

Topics of the Academy

  • Patent Licensing
  • Trademark and Brand Licensing
  • Licensing and Startups
  • Software licensing
  • New Forms of Licensing
  • Due Diligence in M&A Activities
  • Food Licensing
  • Design Licensing
  • Ethicality in Licensing
  • Know-how licenses / Trade secrets


For students and post-docs we offer 5 free seats to the Academy.
If you are writing your thesis or dissertation about licensing, apply for the academy!Before applying, prepare a motivational letter and add it to the registration form. Applications must be sent no later than 30 April 2019.  Apply for the Academy HERE.