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24.1.2019 00.00 – 1.3.2019 00.00


ECTA, the European Communities Trade Mark Association, is a non-governmental association that unites members coming from all European Union Member States with associate members from all over the world. The powerful network of members consists of professionals with a practical knowledge in trade marks, in particular, lawyers, trade mark advisors, trade mark attorneys, in-house counsel and others who can be considered specialist practitioners in these areas. The diverse character and makeup of its international membership and its strong link to many European Institutions makes ECTA uniquely suited among associations to foster and encourage further academic research and examination of trade marks and trade mark law in different European countries.

In order to further strengthen the cooperation and exchange with academics, ECTA has decided to grant the ECTA Award in two categories, i.e. student and professional, to an individual who has written an article or an essay of importance in the subject matter of and for the development of European Trade mark law, Design law, Copyright law or Geographical Indications law.

The Award would be granted from time to time, when found grounded, at ECTA’s discretion.

The ECTA Award, if granted,will be presented during the Association’s 38th Annual Conference in Edinburgh UK.

The Award consists of a sum of EUR 2.000 as well as 18 months of ECTA Membership for the First Prize in the student category, EUR 1.000 and EUR 500 respectively for the Second and Third Prizes as well as 18 months of ECTA Membership. The winning papers will be published by ECTA notably on the ECTA website. Therefore, by participating to the selection, the authors grant to ECTA the rights to publish their works on any existing support or media. To qualify for this award,the lawyer student and/or non-lawyer student must: (i) be enrolled as either part-time or graduate student in law or an equivalent or related subject; (ii) write a substantive paper on European Trade mark law, Design law, Copyright law or Geographical Indications law (i.e. related for instance to cross border issues etc.) Papers will be judged by the Professional Affairs Committee of ECTA, subject to approval by the Management Committee. Papers will be judged according to the following criteria: (i) extent of research done, (ii) breadth and timeliness of subjects, (iii) cross-border aspects, (iv) Enhancement of European Trade mark law, Design law, Copyright law, or Geographical Indications law,(v) relationship to the Common Market, (vi) quality of writing, (vii) originality of subject and ideas.

More detailed information about the ECTA Award is attached.

The deadline for the submission of papers is 1 March 2019.

Papers shall be sent to the ECTA Secretariat by e-mail to

Please note that by submitting a paper, it is considered that you consent to having your paper and name published on the ECTA website / in the Newsletter if you are selected as a winner.


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ECTA, the European Communities Trade Mark Association