IP Morning – Personalised Medicine: Legal & Ethical Challenges

IP Morning - Personalised Medicine: Legal & Ethical Challenges

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8.3.2021 10.00 – 11.30


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IP Mornings hosted by IPR University Center are targeted for researchers, students and academics interested in IP. For researchers and academics IP Morning offer a unique chance to present research topics and recent results from the field of legislation and research, and to share information about IP and current phenomena related to it.

IP Mornings are open events, the goal of which is to get more visibility to Finnish IP research. They also offer a great chance to share academic know-how to practitioners and students.

Personalised Medicine: Legal & Ethical Challenges – Conversation about the publication


Introduction by LL.D. Juli Mansnérus, University of Helsinki (2016), Postdoctoral researcher in Medical and Biolaw and Senior Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Helsinki.  Her research aims at facilitating the commercialization and availability of personalized therapies in an ethically and legally sustainable manner. 


Regulatory Schemes in Innovative Healthcare and Biomedicine by LL.D., Professor (Emeritus) Raimo Lahti, Professor of Criminal Law in 1974–2014, professor emeritus since 2014, University of Helsinki. Founder of the subject Medical Law and Biolaw and its first responsible teacher in 1997–2011, University of Helsinki. Numerous expert tasks in healthcare governance and law drafting.  

Building the Regulatory Framework for Personalized Medicine: Case Finland by LL.D. Candidate Sandra Liede, (LL.M.) University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law. Lawyer, responsible for the governance and oversight of the biobanking field, at the National Supervisory Authority of Welfare and Health in 2013–2017. Senior Specialist, responsible for drafting the future Genome Act and amending the Biobank Act, at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in 2017–2020. Lawyer, responsible for regulatory affairs, currently working at Healthtech Finland.  

‘Precision Medicine’: Critical Reflections on Europe’s Latest Healthcare Paradigm by LL.D. Candidate Céline E. Dujardin, University of Helsinki (LL.M, Law and Public Health Ethics). Her research focuses on a critical appraisal of scientific bodies as normative instances, in the field of human genomics. Céline is particularly interested in defining the legal status of the human species. 

Germline Gene Therapy: Safeguarding the Best Interests of the Child by LL.M. Amanda Blick, University of Helsinki. Associate Lawyer at Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd advising clients in matters relating to intellectual property, life sciences, and pharmaceutical law. Currently pursuing a Licentiate of Medicine degree at the University of Eastern Finland to become a medical doctor.  

On the Lookout for Experience: The Legislative Experiment of Conditional Pharmaceutical Reimbursement in Finland by LL.M. Waltter Roslin, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, an aspiring legal researcher in Medical and Biolaw at University of Helsinki, currently especially interested in the functioning of welfare systems and pharmaceutical reimbursement schemes. 

Transatlantic Comparative Perspectives on Patenting Genome-editing Technologies – A Case Study of Patents on CRISPR/Cas9 Technology by LL.M Liisa Vaaraniemi. Gained experience in the life sciences industry through interning at a global life sciences company before joining Hannes Snellman’s IP &Technologu Team.

Interpretation of the Patient’s Need for Help Can Be Supported with Machine Learning by Dr. Sc. (Tech.) Lauri Lahti, a researcher at Department of Computer Science at Aalto University, Finland. His current research develops analysis and support methods concerning health data thus extending his previous research that developed methods for computer-assisted learning (doctoral dissertation 2015, Aalto University). 


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