Law for the Circular Economy

Academic seminar

Event time

9.12.2019 10.00 – 9.10.2019 16.00


University of Lapland (Yliopistonkatu 8, FIN-96101 ROVANIEMI, FINLAND), Lecture room 2


Free of charge

The Law for the Circular Economy seminar will revolve around the role of law in the circular economy, with particular emphasis on two important steps of the product’s life cycle, namely regulating the supply-chain and regulating repairing and sharing activities. These topics will be explored from the perspective of both policy and law. The academic discourse will be complemented by real-life company cases, where focus will be posed especially on the fashion industry.

Amongst the speakers:
Jukka Similä, Professor of Natural Resources Law, University of Lapland
Rosa Maria Ballardini, Associate Professor of IP Law, University of Lapland
Bram Akkermans, Professor of Private Law, University of Maastricht
Rob van den Hoven van Genderen, Professor of Robot Law, University of Lapland
Postdoctoral Researcher Jaakko Salminen, University of Turku
Research Fellow Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, University of Oslo
Doctoral candidate Essi Karell, Aalto University
Doctoral candidate Heidi Härkönen, University of Lapland
Annariina Ruokamo, Lamkin

Arranging organization

IPR University Center

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