AI at the Crossroads of Copyright and Patent Perspectives

Dialogue of Experts -seminar series


27.10.2020 10.00 – 11.30


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Deltorn Haapanen
Man and the machine

IPR University Center arranges online seminar series focusing on various IPR matters. The seminar series brings together academics and business by featuring academic experts and top practitioners in the field of IPR. The audience is warmly welcome to engage in the discussion by asking questions to the speakers.

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Dialogue of Experts – series 2

Summary of the presentation of Jean Marc Deltorn

A new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools are at the heart of an increasing number of applications. AI is now capable of delivering answers to problems that were considered beyond our reach just a few years ago. From automating the control of vehicles to recognizing speech and classifying images at levels comparable to – or even higher than – human capabilities, these processes are now spearheading an unprecedented wave of technical developments. How to secure legal protection for such objects is therefore of the utmost strategic and economic importance for applicants worldwide. Patents are one of the principal tools that can offer protection to innovators for their technical contribution and, as such, constitute an essential means to promote and incentivise technical progress. After having introduced the essential characteristics of the latest generations of artificial intelligence inventions, we will address in earnest the patentability of computer-implemented AI inventions. Examples derived from the applicable European case law will be used to support this presentation.


Moderator: Nari Lee, Professor, Hanken

Jean-Marc Deltorn, Senior Researcher, CEIPI, University of Strasbourg

Jean-Marc Deltorn is a Senior research at the International Centre for the Study of Intellectual Property (CEIPI, University of Strasbourg). At CEIPI, Jean-Marc studies the interplay between the legal norms (with an emphasis on IP) and emerging digital technologies (such as AI, quantum computing and blockchain) and he is co-founder and director of the ”AI & IP” university diploma. Prior to joining CEIPI in 2020, Jean-Marc spent more than 15 years at the European Patent Office (EPO) where he was responsible for the prosecution of AI applications (including image, speech and text processing). At the EPO, Jean-Marc was a member of the the AI core expert group and of the Guidelines working group on computer-implemented inventions. Jean-Marc holds a MSc and a PhD in theoretical physics from Paris University, a Master of Laws from the University of Strasbourg and is now in the final stages of completing a PhD in law.

Anna Haapanen, Partner, Head of Technology, Co-head of Intellectual Property, Dittmar & Indrenius

Anna Haapanen is recognized as one of the leading international technology lawyers with international education and work experience both cross border and overseas and has practiced law in Finland, Sweden and the United States. She is dual-licensed attorney admitted to both the Finnish Bar and the New York Bar. She has earned Doctor of Laws degree in intellectual property law and advises clients with both non-contentious and contentious assignments. (Source:

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