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IP Morning - Current topics in IPR & Research


3.10.2019 09.15 – 11.00


Hanken, Arkadiankatu 22, seminar room 411


Free of charge
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Welcome to the IP Mornings!

IPR University Center starts a seminar series “IP Morning”. The events are targeted for the researchers, the students and the academics interested in IP. For researchers and academics the IP Morning offers a unique change to represent research topics and recent results from the field of legislation and research, share the information about IP and current phenomena in it.

IP Morgnings are open events and the goal is to get more visibility to the IP research made in Finland. It also offers a great chance to share the academic know-how to the practitioners as well as students.


IP Morning is chaired by Associate Professor Rosa Ballardini, University of Lapland

The results of the IPR University Centre´s project Copyright & AI based digital services. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Fashion, copyright and artificial intelligence – new creative environment comes with new copyright issues

  • The research presents different options how the copyright system might treat AI-generated fashion designs, taking into account also the question of sustainability
  • Fashion is an extremely IP-intensive industry, which is known for its complex copyright environment. Innovation – but also imitation and inspiration – are key parts of the fashion world. That added to fashion’s status as an applied art, or as useful articles, has led to gaps in protection which has facilitated copying.
  • The increasing use of AI in the industry is likely to stir the pot even more, and perhaps even increase fashion copying. This creates a need to take a further look at the copyright issues that may arise.
  • The research discusses the different ways in which AI can be used in the fashion industry, and analyses the copyright-related problems caused by such use. Due to the fashion world being notorious for its copying issues, the particular focus is on potential copyright infringements related to the use of AI.
  • Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is slowly changing the world of creativity. Nowadays algorithms are capable of creating works that previously were created solely by human authors.

LL.M, doctoral student Heidi Härkönen, University of Lapland


AI generated works and copyright law: Towards a union of strange bed fellows

”In this age where AI now authors copyrightable works, this research explores the possibility of granting copyright protection to AI generated works by granting legal personhood to AI. The theories of legal personhood and how they match with AI are also explored. The challenges that could arise from this proposition are also examined in this research with suggestions being made where possible”.

doctoral student Emmanuel Salami, University of Lapland (via Skype)


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Cancellations no later than 9 October 2019. No show fee 50,00 € + vat 24 % IP Morning 4.12.2019

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