The Logistics of Ideas – TOP SEMINAR

Huippuseminaari asiantuntijoille - top seminar for IPR experts


1.11.2016 14.00 – 17.30


Hotelli Helka, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 23, Helsinki


395,00 € + alv 24 %. IPR Akatemian jäsenille 60,00 € + alv 24 %

The seminar  is addressed to Intellectual Property practitioners, as well as business and technology professionals that are eager to gain a new perspective on the role of patents as  a key strategic tool for the deployment of business strategies.                                                                                                              
The attention of scholars is often focused on sometimes intricate aspects of patent law, while the media like to follow high profile litigations. Less attention is dedicated to the essential role that patents play in the business operations of enterprises  at all levels: in start-ups, small companies, corporations and even countries. As a tool that transform intangibles such as “innovation” and “technology” into tradable assets, they enable an open innovation marketplace in our increasingly knowledge-based society.

Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds such as academia, private practice, consulting and corporate, and will share with the audience their experience and perspective on the management of intellectual assets. As innovation plays such a central role in our society, patents and Intellectual Property are not “the lawyers’ business”, but the very foundation of everybody’s business

The afternoon will be chaired by Director, IP Business Development Roberto Castagno, Nokia Technologies

The list of speakers:

Bowman Heiden (Deputy Director – Center for Intellectual Property (CIP), Chalmers University of Technology – University of Gothenburg)

Mikko MannerPartner, Head of Helsinki office at Roschier

Kim Simelius, VP, Patents business area, Berggren Group

Keywords: Patent, intellectual property, technology assets, IPR Strategy


IPR University Center


Please register for the seminar by completing the online registration form no later than 22 October 2016. You will receive an automatic confirmation of registration to the email address you have given. You can only register one person at a time with the registration form. Cancellations before 22 October 2016. After that 100 % fee applies.

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